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The need for key change is immense when the original one is stolen. A new key will also require a new lock but you don’t have to change all parts. As masters in lock rekey services, we can assure you that the only thing that changes is the configuration of the lock. This way, the new key will fit in the new lock perfectly. It’s the easiest and fastest way to ensure property security. After years of experience with Chestermere Rekey Locks services, we can guarantee that our services will save you from hassle, security issues and bad surprises. We promise exceptional work, quick response and 24 hour service.

Rekey Locks ChestermereWe make perfect key replacements

When you have a master key system at work but don’t trust the employee you just dismissed, call our company. Locksmith Chestermere can help you. Our time of response is fast. We have expert mobile crews which can take care of such problems fast. We can rekey master locks with efficiency since we specialize in all types of locks. As experts in all security systems in Alberta but also of ways to ensure security, we assure you that rekeying the locks of your house, home or car is the best way to increase security but also avoid problems. You can avoid problems with damaged keys and locks but mainly you will avoid unexpected visitors using their own keys to enter to your own property.

We can rekey all locks fast

We Rekey Locks in Chestermere for years. We have experience but we are also very cautious when we rekey your lock. We make sure the job is done perfectly and the new key replacement is the perfect match to your lock. Our customers in Chestermere can count on our immediate arrival when their needs are urgent. We offer 24/7 rekeying and thanks to our high quality machinery we can also guarantee immediate and efficient service. We make the new key and change the tumbler of the lock with attention, knowledge and speed.

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